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FOI Requests for Health and Safety Information

This page contains FOI requests relating to staff Health and Safety such as attacks and abuse of firefighters.

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First Aid/Trauma Training and Clinical Governance Provider

Company that delivers the training and when the contract is to be reviewed (FOI 1636)


February 2017

Vehicle Incidents Return

The information previously supplied to the DCLG (now the Home Office) in the Vehicle Incidents Return, previously published as part of the Fire and rescue authorities operational statistics. (FOI 1586)


January 2017

Number of Staff with Sick Days

Number of staff who had a sick day in 2016 broken down by position and rank (FOI 1566)


January 2017

Attacks on Firefighters

How many firefighters have reported being attacked by members of the public whilst on duty? Please break this down by year 2016, 2015, 2014 and 2013 (FOI 1559)


November 2016

BMI and Fitness Test Scores

Please email me the BMI scores of all of your operational staff, together with their fitness test scores (including the particular fitness test performed (Chester Treadmill Test/Step Test/Bleep Test/Drill Yard/Functional Test etc.), and the numbers who pass, require a retest & fail). (FOI 1540)


August 2016

Staffing, Sickness and Leavers

Number of total staff, number of trained fire fighters, number of staff on long term sick, number of staff leaving the service.

(FOI 1482)


March 2016

Attacks of Firefighters 2014/15 and 2015/16 

The number of assaults on firefighters during 2014/15 and 2015/16. (FOI 1389)


March 2016

Attacks on Firefighters 2010-2015 

Staff physically assaulted while on duty in North Yorkshire over the last five years. (FOI 1397)


March 2016

Fitness Tests 

Fitness tests used by the service including pass rates. (FOI 1393)


March 2016

Compensation for Injuries

Number of settlements and the total paid out to fire fighters for injuries sustained at work or as a result of their work duties or while on work premises. (FOI 1362)


February 2016

Control Room Staffing, Sickness and Overtime

current establishment of personnel employed in the rank/role of control room staff, Number of the establishment who are watched based, the total number of days lost to sickness absence by control room staff in the past 12 months  (FOI 1344)




October 2015

Sickness and Stress and PTSD 

The current methods used to manage traumatic stress such as critical incident stress debriefing, post-incident questionnaires and occupational health services. (FOI 1248)


July 2015

Attacks on Employees & Injuries

Incidents of physical and verbal attacks which took place in the following years (April to March) 2012-13, 2013-14 and 2014-15.  The number of fire and rescue service personnel injured. (FOI 1194)


June 2015

Number of Sick Days 2013-April 2015

The members of staff who have had a sick day in 2013, 2014, and up to April 2015; the sick pay entitlement for a full time member of staff; and the amount of money NYFRS has paid to its staff for sick days over the same time period. (FOI 1162)


June 2015

Gym Equipment

Fitness/gym equipment at stations, and its availability to firefighters. Also the incentives the services provides operational staff to maintain their fitness levels. (FOI 1155)


April 2015

Suspensions for Criminal Activity

How many officers since 2013 have been suspended from duty for criminal activity? What was the offence? (FOI 1119)


March 2015

Attacks on Firefighters 2010/11-2013/14

The number of Firefighters that have been attacked whilst on duty in the last three years, and any prosecutions. (FOI 731)


Feb 2015

Service Vehicle Collisions 2012-2014

How many Service owned vehicles were involved in a collision, plus details of those collisions (2012-2014)? Was anyone injured in the collisions, if so what injuries? Following the collision, was an investigation conducted and who by (internal or external)? If so, what was the conclusion? (FOI 1046)


Excel Attachment

CSV Attachment

Jan 2015

No-Go Areas

Addresses or areas deemed unsafe or as "no-go areas" without police protection. (FOI 1043)


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