We are very aware of the additional pressures and challenges that we are all facing currently.

We would like to reassure you that we are here to help. We’ve provided some guidance below that we hope you find helpful.

Fire Risk Assessment review

  • Review your fire risk assessment to ensure you keep everyone safe from fire. Consider changes made for social distancing and changes to staffing levels.

Preventing a Fire developing

  • General housekeeping/management of risk (electrical, cooking, laundry etc).
  • Switch off electrical appliances when not in use
  • Ensure good housekeeping
  • Have a safe smoking policy
  • Reduce the storage of combustible items
  • Restrict the use of portable heaters.
  • Ensure electrical sockets are not overloaded and portable items are PAT tested

Fire Detection and Fire Safety Provisions

  • Test your fire alarm weekly.
  • If you have a fire alarm control panel is it showing healthy
  • Test your emergency lighting monthly
  • Check fire extinguishers are not damaged and are in test.
  • Make sure you record these tests in a log book
  • Don’t forget about 6 monthly or annual engineer’s checks which may be due or out of date.

Evacuation procedures and staff training/awareness

  • Have social distancing measures affected escape routes? Do you have one-way systems in place restricting escape? Are doors held open?
  • Any of the above measures must not affect everyone’s ability to escape from the premises safely in the event of a fire
  • Make sure that all staff, including temporary workers, are familiar with actions to take in the event of fire.
  • Staff must be reminded of basic fire awareness and the need to reduce risks wherever possible.

Importance of keeping fire doors shut

  • Fire doors are crucial for keeping a fire contained to the room of origin.
  • Keeping fire doors shut will stop fire and smoke spreading through your building allowing time for you and your occupants to escape.

Additional guidance and advice can be found under the Legislation and Guidance page

Links to other useful documents

See the National Fire Chiefs Council Advice to Businesses

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