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What to do if the smoke alarm North Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service fitted for you has a low battery and is chirping or faulty.

 How do I get a replacement?image of front of a smoke alarm with test/silent button

Where possible we would ask you to contact FireAngel directly. They will send you a new smoke alarm in the post. This will be free under its 10 year warranty as long as it hasn’t been damaged or tampered with.

Am I at risk from fire while I wait for my new alarm?

The smoke alarms we fit will continue to detect smoke and go off for up to 30 days after the low battery warning chirping starts.

The chirping is keeping me awake at night, can I stop it?

The 10 year smoke alarms we currently fit have a ‘Sleep Easy’ function. This means you can temporarily silence the chirp for 8 hours by pressing the test button. After 8 hours, the audible chirp will start again. The Sleep Easy push button feature can be used a maximum of 10 times.

Model number

‘Sleep Easy’ / Silence function

ST – 750


ST – 622


ST – 620


SO – 610

Ceased manufacture in 2008 and out of warranty


Will I need DIY skills or tools to fit the replacement alarm?

All FireAngel alarms we fit use the same backplate. The backplate can be left in place and just the alarm removed and replaced by twisting the alarm. No tools are needed.

What if I can’t safely swap the alarm and I have nobody who can help?

If you have no way of safely changing your alarm without assistance from ourselves,  please ring us on 01609 788545 or 01609 780150 to discuss.

Don’t worry we will still be offering advice and support on fire safety and visiting people who really need our help to stay safe.

How do I contact FireAngel to request a replacement or ask advice?

Freephone: 0800 141 2561

Telephone: 0330 094 5830 (option 1 for alarm fitted by the Fire Service)


Web contact:

Web/Facebook chat: Chatbot on both their website and Facebook messenger available 24/7.


What information will I need to tell them?

  • Model number (Usually located on the front of the alarm but may be on the back of some models)
  • Batch number (located on the back of the alarm) or date fitted
  • Name and address where replacement should be sent
  • What the fault is with the smoke alarm


If you are unable to get the batch number safely, we can check our records and tell you the date we fitted the alarm for you.

 Back of a white smoke alarm showing batch number




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