Wednesday 16th June, Night Shift

Published 17th Jun 2021

North Duffield. 20:04- A crew from Selby attended a play park in North Duffield where a 12 year old child had become trapped in a swing. Crew power only used to release the child.

Eggborough, Selby. 22:10- A crew from Selby attended reports of a field on fire. This tuned out to be a false alarm caused by a controlled burn.

Malton. 02:31 – Malton crews extinguished a 4 x 3m Summerhouse in a domestic garden by hosereels with the cause for ignition being an electrical fault, The Summerhouse was extensively damaged.

They was also fire/smoke alarm activations in premises in Leyburn, Huntington x2, and Malton. All being false alarms.