Incident summary for Day shift Thursday, 29 July, 2021

Published 29th Jul 2021

07:31 Dunslow Road, Eastfield. Scarborough crew used a hose reel to extinguish a car fire in a car park of a fast food establishment, with the cause believed to be an engine fault

08:18 Valley Drive, Harrogate. Harrogate crew released one male from being trapped in a lift.

09:08 Flaxley Road, Selby.  Selby crew gained entry to a premises at request of Police due to concern for the occupant. Access gained , all in order.

10:00 Queens Parade, Scarborough. A scarborough appliance responded to a report of a possible burst water mains in street. Crew coned off area, Yorkshire water requested to attend.

10:17 Filey fire station. Firecrew removed a ring from the finger of a male who attended Filey fire station by use of ringcutters.

12:26 York Road, Thirsk  Tadcaster and Ripon firecrews responded to a 2 car RTC with one vehicle on its roof. No persons trapped. X2 walking wounded at scene treat by paramedics. Firecrew made the vehicles safe.

13:31 Knolls Lane, Hawnby  Helmsley firecrew responded to a Police request to make a vehicle and scene safe following a RTC involving a motorbike. Firecrew washed the roadway and assisted a male in his 60s to an Air Ambulance for transporting to hospital.

15:34 Plompton Drive, Harrogate. Harrogate firecrew used a wildfire pack to extinguish a grass fire of approx. 3 x 3 metres. With the cause due to children with matches.

16:10 Askham Lane, York. Malton crew responded to a grass fire.


There were also fire alarm activations in York x2, Skipton, and Acomb.   All were found to be false alarms.