Incident Summary Thursday 21/10/2021 – Day Shift

Published 21st Oct 2021

Eggborough – 1050

Crews from Selby assisted a female and a baby who were locked outside their house. Crews gained entry to the property using a triple extension ladder.


Spring Hill, Whitby- 1103

Whitby attended an automatic fire alarm at a hospital. This turned out to be a false alarm caused by dust.


Osmotherley- 1133

Northallerton attended a small rubbish fire measuring 1m x 2m. Crews used 1 hose reel jet to extinguish the fire and dampened down the area. The cause of the fire was deliberate.


Coppice Rise, Harrogate – 1418

Harrogate attended an automatic fire alarm at a school. On arrival, crews confirmed this was a false alarm.