Incident summary for Night shift 23/10/2021

Published 24th Oct 2021

23:50 Glebe Farm Road, West Heslerton. Malton fire crew responded to a report of a garden fire believed out of control. On attendance, false alarm, attended burning in a fire pit.

01:53 Commercial Street, Norton. Malton crew used a 9 metre ladder to gain access into flats for two females who had become locked out of their flat (with a space heater on within),  due to the main entrance door failing.

02:38 Albany Avenue, Harrogate. Harrogate crew responded to a request from Ambulance to assist them in moving a male casualty out of his premises and to an Ambulance.

There were also fire alarm activations responded to in: York, Scarborough x2, Huntington, Malton   All proven to be false alarms.