Incident Summary, night shift, Thursday 4th November

Published 5th Nov 2021

To ensure that people are not identifiable from our incident round-up, we will no longer be providing street names for smaller towns and villages, where incidents have occurred.

16:55  Redcliffe Road, Scarborough

A crew from Scarborough assisted with the movement of a bed bound patient from upstairs to downstairs.  Crew power used.

17:27  A64  Brompton by Sawdon

Fire Contol received multiple calls to a car fire on the A64, a crew from Sherburn were mobilised and extinguished the fire using one hose reel jet and two breathing apparatus, the cause of the fire is believed to be due to an engine fault.

17:38  Gayle Lane, Hawes

A crew from Hawes responded to a report of a fire alarm sounding, on arrival this was found to be a false alarm due to defective equipment.

19:00 Barkhouse Bank, Bishop Thornton

A crew from Harrogate responded to a report of a fire in the open close to a derelict building, on arrival this was found to be controlled burning with the owner in attendance.

23:35  Thistle Hill, Knaresborough 

A crew from Knaresborough responded to a report of an elderly lady trapped in a room due to the lock failing, crews used small tools and a lock snapper to release the lady.

01:59   Wistow Road, Selby

A crew from Selby assisted paramedics to gain entry to a property. The crews managed to alert the occupants using a triple extension ladder who then allowed access for paramedics to investigate.

02:22 Catterick Garrison

Crews from Colburn and Richmond responded to reports of a garage on fire. The crews used one hose reel jet, 2 breathing apparatus and a thermal imaging camera to extinguish the fire with the cause believed to have been a stray firework.

04:00 Fairways Avenue, Harrogate

Crews from Harrogate responded to reports of water leaking in a residential property. They isolated the water supply to stop the leak and advice was given to the occupant.

04:46 – St James Business Park, Knaresborough

Crews from Knaresborough responded to an automatic fire alarm sounding at a commercial premises. This resulted in a false alarm.

04:51 – Heslington, York

Crews from York responded to an automatic fire alarm sounding at a residential premises. This resulted in a false alarm.

05:31 – A1237 Between A59 to Clifton Moor

Crews from Huntington responded to reports of milk spillages over several roundabouts. The crews used one hose reel jet to stop the milk from entering the waterways and left the incident with the police and council who were using fibres to absorb the milk off the carriageway.