Incident Summary, night shift, Thursday 2nd December

Published 3rd Dec 2021

To ensure that people are not identifiable from our incident round-up, we will no longer be providing street names for smaller towns and villages, where incidents have occurred.

16:40 – Scalby Road, Scarborough – Scarborough and Filey crews together with an Officer, responded to a fire alarm activation with the fire alarm monitoring collector station unable to get a verbal response from the occupant. On fire crews arrival they found a microwave fire and the female occupant who had collapsed due to smoke inhalation. Firefighters wearing breathing apparatus, brought the female out of the premises, while others removed the microwave into the open air and then ventilated the smoke filled premises. Casualty was given first aid including oxygen therapy by fire crews, and she was then transported to hospital by family members.

17:24  Blossom Street. York – A crew from York released two persons who were trapped in a lift using small tools.

17:33  George Street, York – A crew from Acomb released two persons from a lift using lift keys.

17:35  Ashdale Road, Helmsley – A crew from Helmsley assisted paramedics to transport a patient into an ambulance.

19:38 Fossway, York. – York fire crew gained entry into premises for Paramedics to access a casualty within.

00:33  Goulton Lane, Potto – False alarm due to fault on system

01:59  Caxton Way, Seamer, Scarborough – False alarm at an industrial premises.

03:28 Joseph Terry Grove, York – False alarm due to dust in detector in a bin store at a residential premises.