Incident Summary – Day shift Friday 25th November

Published 25th Nov 2022

To ensure that people are not identifiable from our incident round-up, we will no longer be providing street names for smaller towns and villages, where incidents have occurred.

06:51 Wigginton Road, York.

York crews responded a smoke alarm sounding in a residential building. This was caused by cooking fumes.

07:17 St Nicholas Cliff, Scarborough.

Scarborough crews assisted Police with a roof search. Two persons were located and left in the care of the Police.

09:13 Colburn Lane, Colburn.

Richmond crews assisted with a vehicle leaking fuel. Crews cleared the spillage using a spill kit and sand.

09:14 John Street, Filey.

Filey crews were mobilised to a bin fire. Crews confirmed the fire was out on arrival.

09:15 Ascot Way, York.

Acomb crews attended a smoke alarm activation at a domestic property. This was caused by burnt toast.

09:34 Park Parade, Harrogate. 

Harrogate crews assisted a male stuck in a lift. Crews used lift keys to allow the male to exit the lift.

10:24Haxby Road, York.

York attended a smoke alarm activation at a commercial property. This was a false alarm caused by cooking fumes.

11:22 Westbourne Grove, Scarborough. 

Scarborough crews attended a smoke alarm activation in a residential property. This was a false alarm caused by cooking fumes.

12:46 Snaygill Industrial Estate, Skipton.

Skipton crews attended a large skip well alight, skip was in close proximity to a gas tank. Crews extinguished the fire using hose reel jets and also cooled the gas tank and carried it to a safe location.

13:04 Thorp Arh, Wetherby.

West Yorkshire Fire Service requested assistance from Tadcaster crews to deal with a cell fire. However the fire was under control sooner than expected and Tadcaster crews were not required.

13:09 Vicinity of Greenfield Road, Scarborough.

Scarborough crews responded to reports of smoke sighted in the area. After a search of the vicinity no smoke or fire was located.

14:29 Crossgates, Scarborough.

Scarborough crew assisted an elderly lady who had fallen inside her property and was unable to be helped up by her husband. Crews used crew power to lift lady to a chair. She had no injuries. Crews carried out a safe and well check at the property also.

15:21 Easton Way, Colburn

Richmond crews attended a smoke alarm activation at a public property. This was a false alarm due to a test being carried out on site.