Incident Summary Tuesday 19th September Day Shift

Published 19th Sep 2023

1007 – Wiggington Road area, York.   The York crew responded after a passer-by smelled gas in the area. Crews created a safe area using cordon tape and handed the incident over to a gas engineer.

1159 – South Cliff area, Scarborough.   A Scarborough crew attended after smoke filled a top floor flat. On inspection crews found a fault in the chimney ventilation that allowed smoke from a downstairs open fire to enter the flat above.  Advice was given.

1622 – Ripon.   Two Ripon crews attended a fire in a kitchen.  The fire was out on arrival, extinguished by the house occupant. Crews inspected and ventilated the kitchen.

1634 – Ford in the River, Firs Avenue, Ripon.   A Ripon crew rescued 2 people from a car after it became stuck in a ford across a river. The incident is ongoing and crews are winching the car out of the river.

In addition to the incidents above, we also attended automatic fire alarm activations in Whitby, Harrogate and Thirsk.  All were false alarms.