Incident summary – Day shift, Wednesday 29th November

Published 29th Nov 2023

To ensure that people are not identifiable from our incident round-up, we will no longer be providing street names for smaller towns and villages, where incidents have occurred. 


Time: 08:21     Location: Selby

A crew from Selby attended a domestic property to carry out external checks, following concerns from occupier of the possibility of a pan being left on a stove. Following checks, this was confirmed to be a false alarm.

Time: 09:01     Location: Dunnington, York

York crew attended to assist Ambulance paramedics, following a request to gain entry to a property. However, on arrival, a spare key had been located and Fire and Rescue crews were no longer required. Incident left with paramedics.

Time: 09:26     Location: Osbaldwick, York

York crew attended a domestic property following a report of a smell of burning. On arrival, crews carried out investigations and confirmed this to be a false alarm. Advice given.

Time: 12:38     Location: Somerset Terrace, Scarborough

Scarborough crews attended following a report of persons stuck in a lift. However on arrival, no persons in attendance. Full search carried out. False alarm.

Time: 15:49     Location: Scarborough

Scarborough crew assisted Ambulance paramedics in gaining entry to a property. Once entry gained, incident left with Paramedics.


In addition to the above, crews from Acomb have attended automatic fire alarm activations. Connfirmed to be false alarms.