Incident Summary – 19th February 2024, Night shift

Published 20th Feb 2024

To ensure that people are not identifiable from our incident round-up, we will no longer be providing street names for smaller towns and villages, where incidents have occurred.

18:35 Cockpit Hill, Northallerton
Crews from Northallerton responded to a report of a smell of burning within a residential property. On arrival crews found no sign of fire and carried out a thorough investigation. Crews found the burning smell to be caused by the tumble dryer motor overheating. Crews removed the tumble dryer from the property and advised the occupier to contact their insurance.

19:16 Tadcaster Road, York 
A crew from Acomb and an officer attended a commercial property where alarms were sounding in a cellar. On arrival of crews there was no sign of fire and investigation was carried out. Crews found that the CO2 alarm had activated. Advice was given to a responsible person.

19:47 Sowerby Road, York
A crew from Acomb responded to a report of a fire in a play area. Crews located a small fire consisting of wood and pallets. Crews extinguished the fire using a knapsack sprayer and a shovel.

21:39 East Harsley
A crew from Northallerton responded to a report of a chimney fire in a residential property.

22:35 North Road, Whitby
Crews from Whitby and Robin Hoods Bay responded to a report of running water heard in a residential property. Crews used a triple extension ladder to carry out a thorough check of the property before isolating the water at an outside stop tap.

23:19 Huntington Road, York
A crew from York responded to a report of an alarm activation at a commercial property. This was a false alarm due to a battery fault.

03:12 Ulleskelf
A crew from Tadcaster responded to a request for assistance from ambulance crews to gain entry to a residential property where the elderly occupant had fallen. Crews gained access to the property and left the casualty in the care of the ambulance crews with minor injuries.