Incident Summary – Night Shift, Saturday 20th April

Published 21st Apr 2024

To ensure that people are not identifiable from our incident round-up, we will no longer be providing street names for smaller towns and villages, where incidents have occurred.

Time: 18:03   Location: Middle Town, Skipton 

Crews from Skipton attended reports of a small fire in the open. Upon arrival of crews and following further investigation, the fire was out on arrival and believed to have been deliberate.

Time: 18:04   Location: Bishopthorpe Road, York

Crews from Knaresborough attended reports of a small fire in the open. Crews extinguished the fire using a knapsack sprayer and bucket of water and the area was made safe.

Time: 18:30  Location: Sherburn

Crews from Sherburn attended reports of a fire in the open. Upon arrival crews discovered that this was a controlled burn on a private property, advice was given to the occupants.

Time: 21:48  Location: Rawcliffe Drive, York 

A crew from Knaresborough responded to a report of youths seen on the roof of a property. Crews used a triple extension ladder to assist police officers to locate the youths who had absconded from the scene. The incident was left in the hands of the police.

Time: 05:55  Location: Greystoke Road, York

A crew from Acomb responded to a report of a fire in the open. Crews located the fire alongside the lake and extinguished it using knapsack sprayers.

In addition to the above incidents automatic fire alarm activations were attended in Scarborough, York, Harrogate and Ripon. All were investigated by Fire Service crews and confirmed as false alarms.