Incident Summary – Monday Nightshift, 20th May 2024

Published 21st May 2024

To ensure that people are not identifiable from our incident round-up, we will no longer be providing street names for smaller towns and villages, where incidents have occurred. 


Time: 17:24      Location: River Foss, York

Crews from York, Acomb and Tadcaster responded to a male stuck in the mud on the bankside of the River Foss. After searching the area extensively, crews found no sign of the male and it was later discovered that the male had managed to self rescue themselves.

Time:  19:04     Location: Jockey Lane, York

A crew from York responded to an activated fire alarm inside a commercial building. This was a false alarm.

Time: 20:02      Location: Lancashire Fire Service Area

A crew from Bentham traveled into Lancashire Fire Services area to assist their crews and Mountain rescue teams with a search for a female and cat who had been reported missing after camping in the local area. Prior to our crews arrival the female and cat had been located but reports of further casualties shouting inside a nearby cave system was believed to had been heard from cave enthusiasts. To ensure everyone’s safety, Mountain rescue completed the search of 20 caves whilst fire crews completed a square mile search of grassland for any remaining casualties. A drone was also deployed to assist with the ground search. The search was eventually discontinued after it was believed there were no further casualties missing in the area. The incident was left with police and mountain rescue who will attempt a final search in daylight hours tomorrow.

Time: 20:33      Location: West Yorkshire Fire Service Area

A crew from Tadcaster traveled into West Yorkshire fire services area to assist our colleagues with a fire inside a residential building.

Time:  22:05     Location: Near Ripley, Harrogate Area

A crew from Harrogate returned to a pile of wood chippings that they had previously extinguished yesterday after an additional call was made from the member of the public who believed they could smell burning in the area again. Crews raked over the contents of chippings to find no sign of fire.

Time: 23:11      Location: Bishopthorpe Road, York

A crew from York and Acomb responded to the smell of burning inside a domestic flat. Crews gained entry to the property from a rear window which was left open to find the flat smoke logged and the occupant inside. The smoke was caused by burnt food inside the oven and the occupant suffered slight smoke inhalation but did not require medical attention. Crews used a positive pressure ventilation fan to clear the property of smoke and advice was given to the occupant.

Time:  23:22     Location: Near Summerbridge

Crews from Harrogate and Knaresborough responded to a suspected fire inside a commercial building after the images from CCTV appeared to show smoke in the area. On arrival crews found no sign of fire. The appearance of smoke on the cameras was caused by steam and this was a false alarm. Crews gave advice to the responsible person.

Time: 00:50      Location: Royal Albert Drive, Scarborough

A crew from Scarborough responded to a bin fire well alight. Crews extinguished the fire using a hose reel jet and the incident was left in the hands of police.

Time: 05:29     Location: Ryndle Crescent, Scarborough

Scarborough crews responded to a bin fire in a car park outside of a commercial property. Crews extinguished the fire using 1 hose reel jet.

Time: 06:16    Location: Kimberlow Lane, Heslington

York crews responded to an automatic fire alarm activation, this was a false alarm due to a water leak.