Incident Summary – Thursday Dayshift, 23rd May 2024

Published 23rd May 2024

To ensure that people are not identifiable from our incident round-up, we will no longer be providing street names for smaller towns and villages, where incidents have occurred. 


Time: 09:42     Location: A66, Near Scotch Corner

A crew from Richmond responded to a single vehicle road traffic collision. The vehicle had hit the side barriers and the dust from the airbag was mistaken as smoke at first. On arrival, crews found the driver in the car of police and no sign of fire. Crews administered first aid for minor injuries to the drivers hands and then used crew power to assist moving the vehicle to a safe location with Police and Highways. The incident was left in the hands of Police and Highways.

Time: 14:23    Location: Richmond Road, Leyburn

A crew from Leyburn assisted ambulance to gain entry to a property after the occupant had fallen. Crews gained access using small tools and left the occupant in the care of paramedics.

Time: 15:10     Location: Coldyhill Lane, Scarborough 

A crew from Scarborough administered first aid to a elderly person who had fallen on their driveway whilst awaiting ambulance. Crews used first aid kit.

Crews have also responded to fire alarm activation in Harrogate, Whitby, Scarborough and York (x 3). These were all false alarms.