Incident Summary – Sunday Nightshift, 16th June 2024

Published 17th Jun 2024

To ensure that people are not identifiable from our incident round-up, we will no longer be providing street names for smaller towns and villages, where incidents have occurred.

Time: 17:16  Location: Trafalgar Street West, Scarborough

A crew from Scarborough responded to loose roof tiles on a building that was a threat to public footpaths below. Crews pitched a triple exterior ladder to climb to the ridge of the roof and remove the loose tiles.

Time: 17:28   Location: Great Ayton, Stokesley

A crew from Stokesley responded to a smoke alarm activated inside a domestic property. On arrival, crews found overcooked food inside the microwave causing the smoke. Crews completed an inspection and advice was given to occupant.

Time: 19:18  Location: Near Seamer Road, Scarborough

A crew from Scarborough assisted ambulance with a difficult extrication of an occupant from the top floor of a residential building. Crews used a special stretcher carried on their appliance alongside crew power to move the occupant to the ambulance.

Time: 19:39  Location: Huntington Road, York

Crews from York and Acomb responded to reports of smoke coming out of a domestic building. On arrival, crews discovered this to be controlled burning in the back garden. Advice given to responsible person.

Time: 22:22  Location: Huntington Road

A crew from York responded to an activated fire alarm inside a public building. After inspection there was no sign of fire and this was confirmed a false alarm.

Time: 23:15  Location: Melrosegate, York

A crew from York responded to reports of fire on a grass verge outside residential properties. On arrival, crews found occupants having a barbecue in back garden. Advice given.

Time: 23:57  Location: M62, Westbound

A crew from Selby alongside appliances from Humberside and West Yorkshire fire service responded to multiple calls of a vehicle well alight on the hard shoulder of the motorways carriageway. Crews used breathing apparatus and hose reel jets to extinguish the fire safely. This was believed to had been caused by an electrical fault in the vehicle. The incident was left in the hands of highways who moved both passengers to a safe location.

Time: 00:54  Location: Near Green Hammerton, Acomb

A crew from Boroughbridge responded to an activated fire alarm inside a residential building. This was caused by the spraying of aerosols in the bedroom and was a confirmed a false alarm.