New Corporate Work Wear

Published 18th Nov 2020

Our staff are getting a new look!

Our day to day uniform is changing, so we want to offer reassurance that if you see people wearing the new uniform they are genuine members of staff.

The new uniform is being rolled out over the next few weeks so you will start to see our staff, including firefighters and community safety officers, wearing black tshirts, fleeces and jackets. The photos below show the new tshirts and jackets.

The changes will not affect the specialist firekit that firefighters wear when attending incidents, which remains the same.

All members of our staff carry ID so if you are ever in any doubt please ask to see their ID. You can also contact our switchboard on 01609 780150 to check if people are employed by us.


three members of staff stood against a wall showing new tshirts two members of staff stood against wall. One in foreground is wearing new jacket, one at the back is wearing new tshirt