We offer a number of youth courses, there’s information about them below. To find out more please get in touch by calling our headquarters or complete the expression of interest form.

‘A Day in the Life’

Our ‘Day in the life’ courses is run with, schools, other agencies, and local communities to offer young people an insight into the fire service. Due to the nature of our work we must work effectively as a team often in intense situations. We ca pass these skills on and offer young people the opportunity to build their interpersonal skills, and build a positive relationship with the fire service. There are two versions of this course:

Ages 11 to 16 – This offers exciting new challenges and will push their abilities. It will give the young people a chance to be a leader in situations and encourages them to work together to solve the challenges

Ages 16 to 25 – We offer to support young people who are currently unemployed and need self-confidence. With us they can enhance their soft skills and we are able to support them with interview techniques.

Fire Break

Fire Break is a 3-day course which gives young people the opportunity to take part in firefighting activities, boost confidence and self-pride. They will receive a certificate in first aid awareness and take part in a series of challenges related to the fire service, and then have the opportunity on the final day to demonstrate their new skills to parents/guardians and any agencies.

These courses can be beneficial for young people who have been starting fire as it shows them what the work of the fire service is.


Blaze is a 5-day course which gives young people the opportunity to gain some work experience with the us. The course allows young people to gain experience of fire, road and water safety. They are taught new skills and supervised as a team, to work out challenging scenarios, just like firefighters do. This helps to strengthen their ability to react responsibly in situations and make the correct decisions. They will also develop transferable skills that they can use when applying for jobs.

From each of these courses the attendees will receive a course certificate and a certificate in first aid.  All of our courses can be adapted to suite bespoke needs.