This page provides details of what to do if you have a complaint or compliment about the Service, or if you wish to notify us of fire safety concerns for a building in North Yorkshire.

Complaints and Compliments about the Service

If you have a complaint or compliment about any aspect of our service, you can contact us either by:

  1. Direct contact at your local fire station
  2. Telephone on 01609 780150
  3. Using one of our online forms:
  1. Writing to us at the Headquarters address:

Central Administration Office
Alverton Court
Northallerton DL6 1FE

  1. Emailing

If you are complaining about an aspect of our service, please give us sufficient details to enable us to investigate the complaint and provide you with a response in the shortest possible time.

For more information about complaints, see:

Fire Safety Complaints or Concerns

Should you have any concerns about fire safety standards in any building within North Yorkshire, please contact us with full details of the nature of your concern on the Concerns about Fire Safety form or by phone on 01609 780150.