Community Risk Profile 2022

The Fire and Rescue National Framework for England outlines the requirement for every fire and rescue authority to assess all foreseeable fire and rescue related risks that could affect their communities.

It’s essential that we understand current and future risks and their potential impact on the people who visit, live and work in North Yorkshire and the City of York. To be able to do this we need to understand the communities that we serve and the places where they live and work.

Our range of services are prevention and early intervention, fire safety, supporting resilience, and emergency response. Like most public sector organisations, our resources are limited. It is important that our communities have confidence in us, and the way we deliver our services, by using our resources effectively and efficiently to address the risks that are present.

In this document we set out an overview of the risks that we have identified. We focus on what we have identified to be the priority risks. This allows us to decide how we use the resources available to us to deliver our full range of services.

Society is constantly changing, as are our communities. Our services need to adapt and evolve with this, so the information presented here is crucial in helping us continue to keep our communities safe now and in the future.

This Community Risk Profile provides a comprehensive and forward-looking assessment of the risks in our communities that will impact upon, and shape, the services we deliver over the coming years.

📄 You can read the Community Risk Profile in full on this website or download a version in PDF format.

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