In our Service, we want to make sure that we help women and girls to feel safe and be safe.

In June 2022, the North Yorkshire Police Fire and Crime Commissioner officially launched her overarching strategy to tackle violence and abuse against women and girls. This strategy is welcomed and fully supported by North Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service.

Our Strategy sets out our commitment to helping support women and girls feel safe and be safe from violence and abuse.

Our strategy
NYFRS will demonstrate a commitment to support the reduction of violence and abuse against women and girls through, safer staff, collaborative working and early intervention.

We will achieve this using three steps:

Step One – Safer staff
We will pledge that NYFRS staff will be trained to identify and act upon signs of violence and abuse against women and girls. Our staff will have access to clear, simple reporting processes.

We will promote a culture of never being silent about violence and abuse against women and girls.

NYFRS will introduce champions into our service to provide guidance, support and promote best practice.

Step Two – Collaborative working
We will continue to develop effective working relationships with our partners and relevant charities to better support women and girls to help them be safe and feel safe.

Step Three – Early intervention
Continue developing our approach to prevention and early intervention to prevent harm and abuse from occurring.

NYFRS will implement targeted interventions working alongside other
trusted partners.

“Our trusted reputation allows us to access areas of the community that
are sometimes hard to reach. This means we may observe and hear
things others may not. It is our duty to prevent, protect and act
accordingly, which North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service staff take
incredibly seriously.”
Chief Fire Officer, Jonathan Dyson