Binned batteries cause fires

Batteries hidden in electricals caused over 700 fires last year, when crushed in recycling centres, bins and recycling lorries.

We are supporting the Recycle Your Electricals Campaign created by Material Focus to raise awareness about the risks of throwning electricals and batteries into general waste.

How to recycle batteries

It’s as easy as ABC


Does your electrical item contain batteries? If so, they may cause a fire if not recycled properly. So remove the batteries to recycle them separately. And do not put them in the general rubbish bin.

Bag It

Set aside a bag just for batteries. Then each time you remove a battery from a gadget, put it in the bag ready to take to a recycling point, or to be collected if your local council provides this service.


Use our recycling locator to find your nearest electrical recycling point – often found in supermarkets and shops. Or check with your council website to see if they collect batteries for recycling.

Find your nearest electrical recycling centre here

Find out more about the Material Focus campaign on Recycle Your Electricals here