The wildfire campaign (Be Moor Aware) aims to prevent moorland fires and wildfires, and to reduce the impact which they have on our service, communities, businesses and the environment.

Partners involved includes North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service (NYFRS), North Yorks Moors, North Yorkshire Police, local volunteer groups, other Fire and Rescue Services and local councils.


Our key messages for the campaign:

  • Act responsibly on the Moors, no BBQs, fires, or fireworks 
  • Dispose of all your rubbish correctly, do not litter 
  • Report any suspicious activity or call 999 if you see a fire 
  • Consequences of starting a fire can result in a fine and/or prison
  • Wildfires cause serious damage to wildlife and use a lot of resources from the fire service to put out 


Resources available

Download the Be Moor Aware social media tool kit here

Download Summer safety messages here

Download the Wildfire Prevention Toolkit here


If you have any questions about the campaign, or would like to request some printed copies of the campaign resources, please email our Prevention Team.




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