We have provided the following information which may help you if you have a fire and are left in the unfortunate position where you are unable to return home or you have lost valuables.

Immediate actions after a fire

  • Contact your insurance company as soon as possible – depending on your policy they may offer rehousing and additional support
  • Secure your property and valuables – the fire may have damaged the security of your property and when the fire service hand the property back to you then you are responsible for the security of your home. If you live in rented accommodation, then your landlord or housing association should be contacted, and they will ensure the property is secure.
  • Contact your utility suppliers – Gas, Water and or electricity may have been damaged by the fire or disconnected by the fire service for safety. Contact your energy suppliers to inform them and have them checked over and repaired by a competent person before turning back on.

What if I can’t stay in my property?

If you can’t stay in your property after a fire you should:

  • Try and arrange accommodation with friends or family if possible
  • Contact your local council who will be able to offer emergency housing
  • Contact the British Red Cross, they may be able to help or source temporary shelter

Red Cross Emergency Response

The aim of the Red Cross Emergency Response team is to support the work of the Fire and Rescue Service, allowing firefighters to do their job whilst we take care of any practical and emotional needs of those who been impacted by fire or flood.

What they offer:

  • A place of temporary refuge
  • Light snacks and drinks
  • Basic clothing/blankets
  • Children’s toys/baby care items
  • Hygiene packs/toiletries
  • Use of telephone
  • Assistance contacting insurance, utilities, Social Services
  • Access to temporary Housing etc.
  • Assisting with Sourcing/accessing replacement prescriptions/medication
  • Transport to friends, relatives, hospital, hotels, etc.
  • CASH assistance
  • Emotional Psychosocial support
  • Signposting

Replacing lost documents

Replace your Driving License

Visit the government website to replace your driving license

Replace lost or damaged passport

Visit the government website to replace a lost or damaged passport

Replace your birth, marriage, or any death certificates

Visit the government website to replace your birth, marriage, or any death certificates

You should contact your bank or building society to inform them about any cards lost or damaged

You should contact your doctor or local hospital about any medical records of prescriptions