Financial planning

Information about financial planning including the Medium Term Financial Plan can be found on the Fire Financial Planning page of the North Yorkshire Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner’s website

Statement of Accounts

You can find our Statement of Accounts for 2020/2021 2019/2020, 2018/2019 and 2017/2018 on the Fire- Statement of Accounts page on the North Yorkshire Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner’s website.

Information about the inspection and audit of statements of accounts and accounting records including Annual Audit letters can also be found on this page.


You can find our budget information for 2020/21, including our budget book, on the Annual Fire Budget page on the North Yorkshire Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner’s website.

Creditor Payments/Expenditure

We now publish all of our spend data on an open data platform called Data North Yorkshire. This allows you to search for, preview and download data from a wide range of areas on a number of different themes. There is also an API should you wish to reuse data subject to the Open Government Licence for Public Sector Information. If you wish to know more about any of these payments, please email: quoting the line reference number, the payee and the amount you are querying.

Pay Policy Statement

There is a requirement under the Localism Act 2011 to publish a pay policy statement on an annual basis. The North Yorkshire, Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner Fire and Rescue Authority’s Pay Policy Statement is available on their website on the Fire and Rescue Service Pay Policy page.

Staff Pay and Grading Structure

The staff pay and grading structure includes Details of all the roles within the Fire Service, their salary range and the number of people within each role/grade. The 2019 version can be viewed on the Staff Pay and Grading Structure- Fire Service page on the North Yorkshire Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner’s website.

Senior Officer Salary Information

Details of the senior office salary information can be viewed on the Salaries-Fire Service page on the on the North Yorkshire Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner’s website.

The Accounts and Audit Regulations 2003 require the Authority to disclose the number of staff receiving payments, including taxable benefits, of more than £50,000 in the relevant financial year. This information is available in the Statement of Accounts.

Expenses paid to senior officers

Details of expenses paid to senior officers is available in the Statement of Accounts under the Officers’ Remuneration section. Information for 2018/2019 and 2017/2018 is available below.

Senior Salary Expenses claimed April 2018- March 2019
Job Title Period Home to work Mileage (non taxable) £


Business expense (Non taxable) £ ** Non car travel £ *** Accommodation*** Total
 Chief Fire Officer 01/04/18 to 10/10/18 1,747.19 1,038.75 638.60 487.50 3,912.04
Deputy Chief Fire Officer 11/10/18 to 31/03/19 719.70 460.46 246.00 735.00 2,161.16
Assistant Chief Fire Officer – Service Development 01/04/18 to 02/12/18 641.26 580.86 53.50 0.00 1,275.62
Assistant Chief Fire Officer – Operations 01/04/18 to 10/10/18 1,092.51 588.94 100.00 234.58 2,016.03
Head of Risk Management 01/04/18 to 10/10/18 913.62 266.14 0.00 500.00 1,679.76
Head of Professional Standards 01/04/18 to 31/03/19 219.54 1,217.43 457.40 0.00 1,894.37
Head of Finance & Administration 01/04/18 to 31/03/19 840.00 105.60 751.40 0.00 1,697.00
Head of Technical Services 01/04/18 to 31/03/19 0.00 0.00 285.78 62.08 347.86
Totals 6,173.82 4,258.18 2,532.68 2019.16 14,983.84



Publication of Senior Salary Expenses Claimed April 2017 – March 2018
Job Title Home to Work Mileage (Taxable) £ * Business Expenses (Non Taxable) £ ** Non Car Travel £ *** Accommodation £ *** Total  £
Chief Fire Officer 1,124 482 173 216 1,996
 Assistant Chief Fire Officer – Service Development 239 747 356 1,342
 Assistant Chief Fire Officer – Operations 2,033 1,102 83 347 3,565
Director of Finance & Service Development/Treasurer – left the Authority on 4/3/18 185 185
Head of Risk Management 1,493 769 793 152 3,206
Head of Professional Standards 128 1,161 982 820 3,090
Head of Financial & Administration 260 445 705
Head of Technical Services 93 93
Head of Human Resources – left the Authority on 28/5/17 49 49
Totals 5,017 4,521 2,801 1,891 14,229

* Home to work travel whilst an officer is on the on call rota is treated as a taxable expense under HMRC regulations

** Reimbursement of car mileage and out of pocket expenses incurred whilst undertaking official duties

*** Centrally arranged travel and accommodation required whilst undertaking official duties

Gender Pay Gap

We are committed to equality of opportunity and inclusion for  all employees, regardless of the protected characteristics they share or their personal circumstances. The report below provides a review of our Gender Pay Gap.