Our Safety Campaign

Our campaign will be promoting relevant messages throughout January and February this year.  Given the cost-of-living rise, people may explore using alternative methods to heat their homes, which might impact on use of chimneys.  Ensuring these are safe and ready for use is important, so the primary message of the Week will be to encourage people to have their chimneys swept in preparation for use in the colder months.

Advice and Guidance

All our advice and guidance can be found here on our website, depending on what fuel you burn the advice might be different so make sure you read it thoroughly to understand it all.


To keep you and your family safe complete an Online Home Fire Safety Check

Our online home fire safety check will go through the fire risks in your property and give you personalised advice.

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Awareness and Action

Ultimately the campaign strives to raise awareness of chimney fires and encourage consumers to act. The campaign focuses on the importance of chimney sweeping and appliance maintenance, the use of quality fuels and tips to get the most efficiency from a stove.

Having a chimney swept not only reduces the fire risk, but also enables more efficient combustion saving you money by reducing the amount of fuel used and reduces emissions helping the environment and the air we breathe. The sweep will offer bespoke advice the householder on the use of their appliance, the correct use of fuels to gain maximum heat and warmth from their appliance.  Where consumers believe their fire risk is too low to justify having their chimney swept, the points around cost efficiency and reduced emissions may well prove more influential.

Chimney fires have been steadily decreasing in most regions over the years. The
period from January to March is usually the peak season for chimney fires, with
figures identifying around 40% in England taking place over those three months.


HETAS partnership working

HETAS, the leading solid fuel and biomass organisation, is continuing its support for Chimney Fire Safety Week. For the 2023 campaign it has made available the official campaign logo and a range of assets for use throughout the Week.

The HETAS website has a range of resources in addition to the campaign assets,
including a dedicated consumer Advice Hub, along with simple postcode searches
for independently approved chimney sweep and service technicians.

HETAS Advice Hub: https://www.hetas.co.uk/consumer/advice-hub/
HETAS YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/@HETASuk
Contact: hello@hetas.co.uk



Woodsure, the UK’s only wood fuel quality assurance scheme, also has a range
of resources and a postcode search for certified wood fuel suppliers. Woodsure
also administers the Ready to Burn certification scheme for firewood, fuels that
are certified as no more than 20% moisture content. The Ready to Burn mark
helps consumers to easily identify solid fuels that are legal to burn at home in
compliance with the new Air Quality Regulations.

Contact: hello@woodsure.co.uk