We offer a FREE Juvenille Firesetter Intervention Programme which works with children and young people who set fires or who play with fire.

Children and young people who play with fire do so for various reasons, ranging from curiosity or attention seeking through to expressing feelings of anger or emotional distress. Without help and guidance, firesetting behaviour can become increasingly serious and lead to injury and damage to property. Early intervention can significantly reduce the chance of this behaviour continuing.

So what is the FireSafe programme?

The scheme works with children and young people up to the age of 18 who play with fire or who have set fires.

Our advisors will work with the child/young person and can include the family to educate on the dangers of playing with or using fire and the consequences of its misuse. The intervention is usually conducted at home but can be carried out in other appropriate locations and to groups if suitable.

Our advisors don’t scare children through using shock tactics.  It has been proven that education and having an understanding is more effective at changing firesetter behaviour.  Each session is tailored to suit the childs’ individual needs and abilities and the number of visits will also vary depending on the childs’ needs.

Advice for parents/carers

  1. Talk to children about the dangers of playing with fire and that they should stay away
  2. Always keep all matches and lighters out of reach and explain they are for adult use only
  3. Never leave children alone where there is a burning candle, open fire or if cooking in the kitchen
  4. Test smoke alarms regularly and make an escape plan with your family

Signs of firesetting behaviours

  1. Burn marks in carpets/clothing
  2. Charred paper in bins/sinks
  3. Unexplained burnt objects are found in the house and/or garden
  4. The smell of smoke of the child’s clothing and lighters/matches hidden around the house
  5. A fascination with fire

We can arrange to give you advise on keeping your home safe from fire and fitting smoke alarms.

If you are concerned about a child or young person, get in touch with us immediately by contacting us on 01609 780150 or filling in our referral form.


FireSafe Referral Form


We accept referrals from parents/carers, police, schools, Youth offending teams, social care and many other professionals.