Below you will some frequently asked questions .

Smoke alarms can be purchased from most DIY stores and some supermarkets.

Make sure you purchase them from a reputable retailer.

In some circumstances we will supply and install smoke alarms free of charge as part of a Home Fire Safety visit, you can see if you are eligible for a Home Fire Safety Visit by completing the Online Home Fire Safety Check

Check if the batteries need replacing as the beeping may be the low battery warning sound.

The batteries in 10 year alarms can’t be replaced so you may need to buy a new alarm. If it’s in warranty check the troubleshooting guide that came with it. Some manufacturers also have useful FAQs/guides on their website if you no longer have the guide that came with the alarm.

All the alarms we supply as part of Home Fire Safety Visits/Safe and Well Visits come with a 10 year warranty, if you experience any issues during this 10 year period then you can ring Fire Angel on 0800 141 2561 and they will arrange for replacements.  Please check your fire alarm manual for other troubleshooting issues

Fire extinguishers can be disposed of at most household recycling centres.

Find out more on the council websites below:

North Yorkshire County Council

City of York Council

You can book a Home Fire Safety visit.

The visit involves us coming to your home to offer fire safety advice, including:

  • how to reduce and prevent fires
  • looking at any possible fire risks in your home
  • information about bedtime routines to help keep you safe at night
  • helping you to think about an escape plan
  • checking you have working smoke alarms and know how to test them

As part of our enhanced visits we can also give advice about health and wellbeing, as well fire safety information. This may include where to find support and further advice on:

  • giving up smoking
  • avoiding falls
  • keeping your home warm
  • living with dementia

You can book a visit online or by calling our Fire Safety Advice Line on 01609 788545

We do not recommend that you buy a fire blanket for use in the kitchen, if you have a fire, you should get everyone out of the property, close any doors you pass and then call the fire service on 999.