North Yorkshire is a beautiful county with lots of charming views and cycle routes, from hosting the Tour de France in 2014 to regularly hosting the Tour de Yorkshire our county is popular amongst professional and amateur cyclists.

Please follow our safety tips to ensure you stay safe whilst cycling:


  • Always wear a helmet, this will reduce to the risk of a head injury if you have an accident
  • Always wear bright or fluorescent clothing in the daylight and reflective clothing at night
  • Always give yourself space by not cycling too close to the kerb
  • Always be attentive to what is happening around you on the road
  • Always make your intentions clear to other road users, show drivers what you plan to do in plenty of time, always look and signal before you start, stop, or turn.


  • Never weave in and out of traffic or change direction suddenly without signaling
  • Never use a mobile phone whilst cycling, if you need to use your mobile pull over in a safe space first


  • Remember to keep within view of other road users at all times, don’t enter someone’s blind spots such as behind a large goods vehicle
  • Remember to service your bike on a regular basis to ensure it is running safely
  • Remember to charge your bike lights or replace the batteries so they don’t run out when you need them