Fire Safety Advice for Users of Dynamic Air Flow Pressure Equipment


This equipment is specifically used for the prevention and/or treatment of pressure sores caused by being bed bound or extended periods of immobility.

The equipment can include pillows and mattresses which are filled with air by a pump. Pressure is adjusted though the pump according to the needs of the individual.

Dynamic Air Mattresses are filled with air by an electrical pump. If the mattress becomes punctured, the pump works harder to keep the mattress inflated. Where the puncture is caused by an ignition source, the escaping air acts as bellows and can cause the fire to increase in intensity and to spread quickly.

Top Tips:

  • Never smoke near/in bed.
  • Keep ignition sources such as matches, lighters and candles away.
  • Ensure all fires/ heaters are kept away from the equipment.
  • Never use an electric blanket with an air flow mattress.
  • Ensure that electrical equipment is well maintained and kept a safe distance from airflow mattresses.
  • Keep fires and heaters away from airflow mattresses.
  • Never place hot items like hairdryers or hair straighteners on airflow mattresses.
  • Avoid using emollient/paraffin creams if using an air flow mattress. Use a mattress protector and wash daily. Speak to a heath care professional to discuss safer alternatives.
  • Use fire retardant bedding.
  • Maintain essential electrical equipment, check for damaged cables and wiring.
  • Avoid overloading plug sockets by using an approved extension lead adaptor.
  • Avoid charging other electrical items near the equipment.
  • Share fire safety information regarding these products with family, friends and carers who support an individual using them.



If you know anyone that is on a Dynamic Airflow Mattress please have chat with them about our Safe & Well visits.