The data used in the modelling of risk is from validated sources. It has been accessed through web sites such as Local Insights and is considered a trusted and reliable source. We have used some ‘closed source’ data sets, for example ‘Blue badge’ data which we obtained from North Yorkshire County Council and the City of York Council. All data has been used to provide an informed view of risk in our Service area.

Independent scrutiny of the methodology used by the risk profiling team, the chosen data sets applied in the modelling and the resulting profile has been applied. North Yorkshire County Council was invited to peer review the RRM model and has provided the following feedback:

“… great progress had been made and there is a good developing understanding of risk across the county. NYFRS are building an excellent product that will underpin their ability to deliver strategic services across the area, and NYCC are proud to be working alongside their partner to ensure the product is robust and reliable.”