Drone Partnership with North Yorkshire Police

Published 17th Oct 2019

From the 16th October 2019 we will be able to request North Yorkshire Police’s drones to assist us at incident scenes.

North Yorkshire Police have been using drones since 2018 to assist with searches, examining crime scenes and at road traffic collisions. The drones use thermal imaging technology and are able to take photographs and videos. They were used earlier this year to assist us at a large fire in a workshop in Northallerton.

Group Manager Mark Naylor from North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service said:

“Working in partnership with North Yorkshire Police shows our commitment to collaboration through maximising opportunities in the interest of community safety and protecting our staff.  This new joint working will positively contribute to both organisation’s priorities including caring about the vulnerable.

“We will now be able to request drones at incident where people require rescue and at fires where we will be able to get a bird’s-eye view of fire spread, which will help our staff and also help protect members of our community.”

Temporary Police Sergeant Elaine Malcolm from North Yorkshire Police’s Partnership Hub, said;

“We have seen many different ways drones can assist officers across the county, however we believe that drones can play a vital role in the work of all emergency services, not just the police.

“Often, significant incidents involving the police also involve partners such as the Fire Service, for example serious road collisions and large scale fires. Enabling the Fire Service to use our drones means that they can benefit from this resource in quick time, but also demonstrates our commitment to a partnership approach in the way we work. A partnership approach can only mean that things will be done faster and more robust, resulting in better service and swifter justice for victims and vulnerable members of our communities.”