5 August 2024

Easingwold Training Centre Burning Date

Easingwold Training Centre

About this event

At our training facility on Oaklands Way in Easingwold, we need to train our staff to be able to rescue people safely from fires and to be able to contain and extinguish live fires quickly and effectively.

In order to do this, there are occasions when we have to use live fires. Whilst we try to keep these to a minimum to avoid any inconvenience to local residents, they are essential in the training of our staff and therefore, the safety of the communities we protect.

The burning dates for this year can be found here Training Centre Burning Dates – Information for Easingwold Residents – North Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service (northyorksfire.gov.uk)

Depending on the wind direction and weather conditions we would recommend on the days we are using live fires, local residents refrain from hanging washing out and avoid sitting in their gardens if the smoke is blowing in the vicinity.

The training sessions will generally take place between 10am and 4pm.