Knaresborough Flooding Statement

Published 7th May 2024


Speaking on behalf of the agencies involved in responding to the flooding in Knaresborough last night (6th May 2024), NYFRS Station Manager Dave Dixon said:

“In the space of two hours from around 6pm last night an extreme localised weather event saw the equivalent of 32 millimetres of rain per hour fall in Knaresborough. The speed and volume of heavy rain led to flooding in some properties and overwhelmed local drainage systems for a period of time.

“Knaresborough Town Council and North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service led the response on the ground ensuring people were safe. The town council has a robust emergency response plan and this was put in place ensuring people were safe and where appropriate electricity supplies were turned off.

“Two vulnerable households were evacuated to temporary accommodation, some other people chose to leave themselves but most chose to stay because the water had not entered their property or they preferred to go upstairs to safe space.

“Four fire appliances attended the scene, along with North Yorkshire Police and North Yorkshire Council staff.

“I would like to thank all those involved in last night’s response  and to reassure local residents that the agencies involved will also be on the scene this morning to follow up on damage and any assistance anyone may need.”


Additional information from NYC:

The flooding related to the volume and speed or heavy rainfall and is not related to the condition of the drains.

Yorkshire Water is investigating concerns regarding sewage around St Margaret’s Gardens.