This privacy notice is designed to help you understand how and why your information is processed when you submit a request via our website or contact us through Social Media.

We do publish incident information onto our website and social media sites; however we do not disclose any personal information.

Why do you need to process my information?

If you choose to contact us via a website form or social media your information is then used to either meet a regulatory requirement or for legitimate purposes of managing and dealing with your request.

Website Forms and Use:

When you submit a form to us we request certain information to enable us to deal with your request and provide a response where necessary. The majority of the information we ask for on a form is voluntary, information which is compulsory is clearly marked with an asterisks* and is required for us to deliver the required service. If you do not provide the information we may not be able to deal with your enquiry or provide you with a response.

The table below describes why your information is collected and used for each website form.

Form Information Required
Home Fire Safety Visit/ Safe and Well Required to meet our obligations e.g. we need name and address to contact you to make arrangements and to conduct the visit
FOI/EIR Request form Required to meet Freedom of Information (FOI) Act and/or Environmental Information Regulations. For example we require a name under the FOI Act
Complaints Required to enable us to investigate and manage complaints and to provide a response
Compliments Required to enable us to deliver positive feedback to our staff
Complaints about fire safety standards Required to meet our obligations and provide a response if requested
Press Registration Form Required to enable us to provide you with press releases
Ask us a question Required to enable us to deal with your questions and provide a response
Organising a public event Required to meet our obligations so we are able to offer advice, attendance and manage emergency calls relating to the event
Website Feedback Form Required to allow us to improve our website and to provide a response if requested
Business Safety Seminar Book a place Required for us to book you on to a business safety seminar
Business Safety Seminar Register Interest Required so we can contact you with details of any future business safety seminars
Fire Safety Audit Survey Required to get feedback to enable us to improve our service


On the 25th May 2011 amendments were made to The Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations 2003 regulations, which require businesses and organisations running websites in the UK to get consent from visitors to their website in order to store cookies on users’ computers.

Information about the cookies collected on our website and how to block them can be found here

Social Media:

If you contact us via social media (Facebook or Twitter), we can see your registered name as this is part of the functionality of the social media site.

How will you use my information?

Website Forms:

When you submit a website form, it automatically goes to the team responsible for dealing with that enquiry. For some forms, submissions are logged so the team can manage it in line with Service policy and procedure. For example, we would keep a copy of a FOI request and our response to demonstrate compliance with the applicable legislation.

There are some forms where we don’t store your personal information, such as compliments, but the compliment you provide is shared with attending crews, for example.

We do not collect IP addresses on form submissions.

Social Media:

If you contact us via Twitter either through direct message or by mentioning us in a tweet, we will use your Twitter handle in order to reply to you.

If you send us a private message through Facebook, we will use your information to provide a response. When we are logged in as the business account we are unable to see your personal profile

Who will have access to the information?

Website Forms:

Our website administrator and website provider, Urban River have access to all form submissions for a period of three months. This is just to allow them to administer the website and for contingency purposes if the email system fails.

Urban River process your information on our behalf and are unable to do anything with your personal information unless we instruct them to do so. They will hold it securely and not share your personal information with any organisation apart from us.

The responsible team will also have access to the information you have provided on the form and may pass it to other staff members, or their hosting provider, UKFast who are responsible for delivering the required service.

Social Media

We have a number of staff members who have access to our corporate Twitter account; this includes Senior Managers, our communication and media team and our control room. These people are able to see direct messages or tweets where North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue have been tagged. Sometimes our communication and media team will pass your request onto another team for an answer.

Other Twitter users will be able to see our response to you and therefore your Twitter handle. This is in line with the functionality of Twitter.

We have a number of staff members who have access to our corporate Facebook account, including members of our prevention team and our communication and media team. If you send us a private message these people are able to see them and respond accordingly. If you publically write on our wall or comment on a post other Facebook users will be able to see this and our response.

We advise social media users to familiarise themselves with the privacy settings and information provided by those organisations.

Visit Twitter website to see their privacy information.

Visit the Facebook website to view their  privacy information

How long will you keep hold of my information?

Website Forms

The website automatically deletes the information submitted via a form after three months. Email copies and logs are kept by the relevant team for as long as is required to meet the intended purpose, e.g. to deliver a home fire safety visit.

Social Media

We don’t keep a log of enquiries and posts made through social media, however if you make a complaint this may be logged in line with our Complaints policy and procedure, to investigate and provide a response.

If you mention us in a tweet you are able to delete this yourself, if you direct message us, as an individual, we will delete the conversation after three months from the last communication. We’ll keep communication from other organisations indefinitely.

If you direct message us on Facebook we will delete the messages after a period of three months, posts made to our wall are not deleted (unless they breach our management of the page) by the Service but you have the ability to delete or edit your own posts.

Is there anything else I need to know when it comes to my personal information?

To find out more about the rights you have when it comes to your personal information or who you can contact to discuss it further visit the ‘Your Information Rights‘ page of this website.