Advice for Temporary Campsites

Published 6th Jul 2021

We are seeing an increase in the number of temporary campsites being set-up.

The advice detailed below is intended to give guidance to anyone wanting to set up a temporary campsite. It is not intended to replace or modify any conditions of any licence granted by an enforcing authority.

Access for emergency vehicles

There should be access for all emergency vehicles to within 90 metres of any pitch. The minimum access width should be 3.7 metres wide with no gate or entrance less than 3.1 metres wide. The access should be capable of withstanding the weight of any emergency vehicles and no overhead cables should be laid across access roads.

Spacing of pitches

A minimum 6 metre clear space should be maintained between each pitch. Only one vehicle should be allowed within this space. No plastic boats should be allowed in this area. Vehicles should not park directly in front of the entrance to a tent.

Fire points

No pitch should be greater than 90 metres away from any fire point (minimum of two fire points per site). Each fire point should comprise of:

  • 2 Extinguishers
  • 2 Beaters
  • 1 Manual Alarm (gong, klaxon, rotary sounder or similar)
  • Clear fire instruction notices including how to call the fire service with the postcode of the camping ground.

This is a minimum requirement. Additional water tanks, buckets etc should be provided at each fire point if deemed necessary.

Carrying out your Risk Assessment

Complete a risk assessment to identify possible dangers and risks and who may be at risk. Using this, remove or reduce (so far as is reasonably practicable) any risk identified and provide general fire precautions for dealing with those that are left. Produce a plan of how to deal with any emergency Record what you find and review this as necessary.

If you do not feel confident in carrying out a risk assessment, there are companies available who can be employed to do this for you.

The information on this page is available as a printable flyer