Farm Fire Safety Initiative Launched

Published 3rd Jun 2021

New Farm Fire Safety Initiative Launched

In the last 12 months we have attended over 50 fires and incidents at farms within North Yorkshire, so we’ve launched a farm fire safety initiative.

As part of the initiative we are working with farming organisations and have produced a farm fire safety advice booklet.

Most of the farm incidents we’ve attended have been started accidentally so follow our top tips to help protect your farm from fire.

  • Control smoking and hot working.
  • Remove hay and straw from fields as soon as possible and store separate from other buildings.
  • Ensure combustible materials such as fertiliser, fuel and vehicles are stored well away from straw and hay
  • Keep farm machinery chaff free, serviced and in good condition.
  • Prepare a fire action plan and always keep escape routes clear.
  • Regularly check and maintain open water supplies for firefighting.
  • Install perimeter fencing, lighting and intruder sensors and keep these well maintained.
  • Store fuels, fertilisers and pesticides in secure areas and padlock storage tank outlets.
  • Dispose of refuse safely and on a regular basis.
  • Keep firefighting equipment in working order.

Business Safety Inspector Michelle Healey said: There has been a significant increase in the number of incidents on farms which have needed our attendance. In response to this, we would like to remind the farming community that we are available to give advice and guidance on ways to reduce the likelihood of incidents occurring. Should you require any further information on the ways in which we can help, please do get in touch, we’re happy to help.”

More information is available on our or if you are based in York or North Yorkshire by contacting us by calling 01609 780150.