North Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service unveils FireBike

Published 13th Apr 2022

North Yorkshire Fire & Rescue Service has today (Wednesday 13 April) unveiled a new motorcycle which will join its fleet of vehicles.

Known as FireBike, this latest addition aims to reduce the number of accidents and injuries on the county’s roads by directly engaging with motorcyclists and other road users.

As the weather improves and the days become longer, the vast open roads and picturesque countryside make North Yorkshire a “destination” for motorcycle enthusiasts.

Across the country statistics show that motorcycles make up less than 7% of all traffic but approximately 26% of killed or seriously injured (KSI’s). The FireBike team is made up of volunteer personnel from North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service who each bring expert knowledge of the emergency services alongside a passion for motorcycles and rider safety.

FireBike will be a regular sight on the roads of North Yorkshire this summer and will travel around key hotspots where bikers meet up. Members of the FireBike team will then actively engage with riders and other road users to promote road safety through education and training.

The initiative operates alongside the already successful “BikeSafe” course run by the Police and “Biker Down” courses that are facilitated by North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service. This free course delivers first aid advice, road, and rider safety for motorcyclists at numerous locations across the county.

FireBike has already proven to be popular and scheduled to attend a number of events through 2022 however, the bike was today given its first official outing to the Fire Service Headquarters at Northallerton where it was shown to members of the media.

Andy Creasey, the Firebike project manager from the transformation team at North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service said:

“Sadly, we deal with a number of road traffic collisions involving motorbikes each year. Many of these collisions involve serious injury or in the worst cases fatalities.

“My colleagues and I want to do everything we can to improve the safety on the the roads for everyone. Motorcyclists enjoy chatting with likeminded enthusiasts and FireBike will help us deliver positive messaging directly within community.”

Zoe Metcalfe, Police Fire and Crime Commissioner for North Yorkshire fully supports the new FireBike:

“The proportion of road incidents involving motorcycles is too high, so I am pleased to be supporting FireBike to promote road safety through education and training.”