Reminder- Stay Home and Stay Safe

Published 30th Apr 2020

We’re reminding people to take extra care during this period of lockdown.

Please don’t have garden bonfires to burn rubbish or garden rubbish at this time when it’s really dry. We’ve been to a few lately that have spread out of control. The smoke from garden bonfires may also cause an issue for your neighbours, such as aggravating breathing difficulties for those who have asthma and bronchitis and for young children, and cause problems for individuals with heart conditions, particularly with more people being at home at the moment.

If people are concerned about their neighbours burning rubbish they can contact their local council in confidence and officers from Environmental Health will investigate and can take enforcement action if appropriate.

The recent hot weather also means that the fire risk in the national parks is high. We’d ask that if you’re travelling through the National Parks that you don’t have barbecues or camp fires, that you take glass bottles or jars home with you and that you discard of cigarettes carefully.

We have also attended a number of small outdoor fires, over the last few weeks, some of which we believe were started deliberately by children/young people. We are asking that if you are a parent or guardian that you know what your children are up to when they are taking their daily exercise. You can help keep your families safe by keeping matches and lighters somewhere out of the reach of children, talking to them about fire safety and fitting smoke alarms on every level of your home.

Please help us to help you and stay home, stay safe.