Wildfire warning following recent hot weather

Published 16th Jun 2023

As we head into the summer months and (hopefully) continue to enjoy some sunny weather, it is important to remind ourselves about the dangers of wildfires and how they can be prevented.

Wildfires spread quickly and are hard to contain which is why, if you spot one, you must call 999 immediately and ask for the fire service.

In fact, a wildfire can reach speeds of 14 miles per hour – this is a lot faster than most people can run. Wildfires can also ‘jump’ or pass through obstacles such as rivers or roads.

We all have a part to play in reducing the risk of wildfires, and some simple tips include:

  • Don’t use disposable or portable bbqs in areas not designed for their use. This includes on dry grass, on open land or fields. Pay attention to signs, if the use of BBQs is forbidden in a particular area, then it is for a good reason.
  • When parking, don’t park on dry grass or land and use designated parking areas – never block a road which may prevent the emergency services passing through.
  • If you are planning on a picnic, please remember to carry a rubbish bag with you and dispose of all litter correctly – did you know something as simple as a glass bottle is enough to start a fire?
  • Always discard of cigarettes correctly and never throw them from a vehicle window when travelling through our countryside.

North Yorkshire is home to some beautiful countryside – lets work together to keep it this way.