1.0 Introduction

It is the policy of North Yorkshire Police Fire and Crime Commissioner Fire and Rescue Authority (The Authority) to obtain the required goods, works and services in line with all the principles of best value to achieve the most advantageous outcomes to support the achievement of the Authority’s objectives.

2.0 Information

In delivering this policy criteria officers will:

  • Ensure all procurement is linked to corporate objectives and statutory responsibilities.
  • Ensure opportunities for collaboration are considered and utilised where there are clear advantages to procuring collaboratively.
  • Ensure compliance with the Authority’s Corporate Governance Framework and any other relevant Authority policy or procedures.
  • Ensure procurement is carried out in compliance with UK and EU law.
  • Assist and advise stakeholders on establishing the most appropriate method for procurement.
  • Demonstrate best value through the whole procurement process.
  • Ensure a full lifecycle approach is taken, in particular with reference to costs, environmental impact, managing supply chains effectively and in line with our corporate values and ensuring disposals and end of life are considered.
  • Manage risk through the use of appropriate procurement methods.
  • Record cost and income achieved through procurement
  • Record contracts and procurement activity in line with appropriate data and transparency requirements
  • Continuously review developments in procurement law, best practices and initiatives, and implement change when appropriate.