We are alerted to thousands of false alarms every year. Responding to all these alarms is a huge waste of resources. From April 2015 our response to automatic fire alarms changed in order to reduce the number of false alarms attended by the Service.

1) We will not attend automatic fire alarms between 08:00 and 18:00 at premises where people do not sleep, unless a fire has been confirmed. We will still attend automatic fire alarms outside of these hours.

2) We will send one fire engine to attend automatic fire alarms at premises where people sleep and some other higher risk premises (e.g. significant heritages site, schools and sites with high risk manufacturing processes or storage) at all times.

3) We may not attend specific premises where there are repeated false alarms from automatic fire alarms and where the causes of these are not being addressed. (This will be an option of last resort after dialogue with the responsible person.) Alternatively, and with the agreement of the owner or occupier, an attendance may still be made but a charge may be levied.

We will still attend automatic fire alarms at domestic premises and all incidents where a fire has been confirmed.