New Water Safety Equipment for Linton and Grassington

Published 13th Oct 2021

Two new signs, along with water safety equipment, have been placed along the riverbank at Linton and Grassington following several incidents along that stretch of the River Wharfe.

The signs have been funded and installed by Grassington Parish council, Linton Parish Council, Cllr Gill Quin, Cllr Sue Metcalf, Cllr Richard Foster, Craven Community hub, the National Park and North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service.

Station Manager Tony Peel from North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service said:

“Sadly, we have seen two fatalities in this area of the River Wharfe over the last few years, so we hope the new signs will educate people about the dangers of this stretch of water.

” As well as the signs we’ve also installed a Portsafe Public Access Water Rescue System housed in a secure box. The lock code for the secure box is linked to 999 fire control so in an emergency, the caller can quote the location code displayed on the board to gain access to the box with the water rescue equipment stored inside. They can then use the equipment to try and help the person in difficulty while the emergency services are on their way.

“I’m really pleased that so many organisations have come together to fund the safety signs and equipment ensuring visitors and residents of this beautiful area are made aware of the potential dangers.”

The local Public Safety Officer, Robbie Kirkbride, has been instrumental in coordinating the work between the local emergency services, parish councils and national parks in establishing and erecting the signs and safety equipment.

Over the pandemic Linton and Grassington along with many of our natural beauty spots have seen a large increase in visitors. Hopefully these signs will act as a reminder for visitors to respect the water.

Members of partner organisations repsonsible for the purcahse and installation of the signs and equipment stood around one of the safety signs