Training Centre Burning Dates – Information for Easingwold Residents

If you live in Easingwold, chances are you are familiar with our training centre on Oaklands Way.

Regular training is essential to our firefighters being able to rescue people safely from fires, to be able to contain and extinguish live fires quickly and effectively.

To do this, there are occasions when we have to use live fires.

Whilst we try to keep these to a minimum to avoid inconvenience to local residents, live fire is essential in the training of our staff and the communities we protect.

The burning dates for 2023 can be found below.

We hope by publishing these dates in advance, it will allow you time to plan and if needed, make alternative arrangements.

Depending on the wind direction and weather conditions, we would recommend on these dates, local residents:

  • Keep windows closed
  • Refrain from hanging washing out
  • Avoid sitting in their gardens

The training sessions will generally take place between 10am and 4pm.

We thank you for your continued support and apologise for any inconvenience caused.


Saturday, 4 February
Tuesday, 7 February
Friday, 10 February
Monday, 13 February
Tuesday, 14 February
Wednesday, 15 February
Saturday, 18 February
Monday, 20 February
Tuesday, 21 February
Friday, 24 February


Sunday, 5 March
Saturday, 11 March
Monday, 13 March
Monday, 20 March
Tuesday, 21 March
Wednesday, 22 March
Friday, 24 March
Monday, 27 March
Tuesday, 28 March
Wednesday, 29 March
Thursday, 30 March
Friday, 31 March


Saturday, 1 April
Sunday, 2 April
Monday, 3 April
Thursday, 6 April
Tuesday, 11 April
Saturday, 15 April
Tuesday, 25 April
Wednesday, 26 April
Thursday, 27 April


Thursday, 4 May
Tuesday, 9 May
Wednesday, 10 May
Thursday, 11 May
Friday, 12 May
Saturday, 13 May
Friday, 19 May
Monday, 22 May
Tuesday, 23 May
Thursday, 25 May
Friday, 26 May
Wednesday, 31 May


Thursday, 1 June
Friday, 10 June
Monday, 19 June
Tuesday, 20 June
Wednesday, 21 June
Saturday, 24 June
Monday, 26 June


Saturday, 1 July
Thursday, 6 July
Friday, 7 July
Friday, 21 July
Monday, 24 July
Tuesday, 25 July
Wednesday, 26 July
Thursday, 27 July
Friday, 28 July
Monday, 31 July


Friday, 4 August
Saturday, 5 August
Thursday, 17 August
Friday, 18 August
Saturday, 19 August
Monday, 21 August
Tuesday, 22 August
Wednesday, 23 August
Thursday, 24 August
Friday, 25 August
Thursday, 31 August


Saturday, 2 September
Saturday, 9 September
Monday, 18 September
Saturday, 23 September
Tuesday, 26 September
Wednesday, 27 September
Friday, 29 September
Saturday, 30 September


Sunday, 1 October
Saturday, 7 October
Saturday, 14 October
Friday, 20 October
Monday, 23 October
Thursday, 26 October
Saturday, 28 October
Sunday, 29 October
Tuesday, 31 October


Thursday, 2 November
Friday, 3 November
Saturday, 25 November
Tuesday, 28 November
Wednesday, 29 November


Saturday, 2 December
Monday, 4 December
Tuesday, 5 December
Thursday, 7 December
Saturday, 9 December
Sunday, 10 December
Wednesday, 13 December

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